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  1. […] BDG corduroy jackets by Urban Outfitters Probably it’s needless to mention how much I’ve been loving corduroy for a while, especially in my preferred warm earthy colours and some retro vibes, like these jackets. Urban Outfitters is one of the best when it comes to aforementioned vibes, and although it’s not the cheapest for being from the high street, it’s well worth the price.  So much so, that I bought two of them, which is big, because I really try to not do that anymore. But these are sooooo goood. The colours, western brown and beige are spot on, the full cotton fabric is incredibly soft, the fit is great. Actually, after some consideration I had to buy them in size XS, because they are so huge. Freaking love both of them and they’re a very good alternative to my beloved biker jackets. […]

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