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    Don’t worry Andi, although we’re becoming poorer as we speak due to the pound dropping in value, it will never be as bad as living in hardship as we did when we were children (and our parents before that). We’re prepared for any such eventualities. It’s some of the locals who do not know, or have forgotten, what hardship really is. It will be quite a shock to them. As for us? We’ll be fine whatever happens. After all, it takes a strong kind of person to gather the wits and courage necessary to move and settle in a foreign country without any help, and still thrive and succeed. That’s my opinion anyways.

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        You’re quite welcome. AND you have to also remember that 48% of the UK population DO support being in the EU. So it’s not like they all want us out. The funny part is that the rural areas with very little EU immigration are the ones that have voted Out, whereas places with high numbers of EU immigrants have voted In. This suggests to me that the ones who are familiar with us are happy, the ones who are not, voted Out due to perhaps fear?

        • Yeah, I know. I don’t have to search for their reasons, fear is a bitch, but it’s still sad. I feel myself completely different today, and it’s probably due disappointment. And not because of the leave voters but because of humanity? I still have to step forward I guess. 🙂

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