1. Rosie

    Question – can hemming be done by hand? I don’t own a sewing machine. But I do have a pair of old jeans I’m tempted to convert to being just under the knee

    • Well, you can if you have enough patience to make it nicely because it would take a while. A long while. And it’s not the best because you should fold the hems twice to do it properly. There is an easy but temporary solution too. If you buy an instant repair tape that could solve it by the first wash I guess. But frayed hems are fine and even easier to do, but they’re not the best at work for everybody.

      • Rosie

        I have hemming web and was thinking of using that and then strictly washing said pair of jeans by hand with cool water, rather than washing machine, to preserve the adhesive. Do you reckon it will work?

        • Yes, I think that’s the same thing what I have. But I’ve never used it with clothes before. I only used it to hemming curtains and it’s still on but I haven’t wash these curtains since I put them on. But, some of the tapes are washable too so it could work. For a while. Because I also think they will come off sooner or later with or without washing. If you want a for long term solution I’d suggest a nearby alteration service. It’s not easy to find a good and reliable one though.

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