1. Rosie

    I just wanted to say I thoroughly enjoyed this post! I must admit, it sounds so familiar I feel like I wrote it. You’ve seen our place, style is pretty similar (although we have gone for more artifical lights to brighten the room, instead of more windows). Only difference is regarding that painting – I much prefer oil paintings (nature morte). Also useful advice about Mushu transitioning. My parents always ask for the same room in the same hotel when they travel overnight by car with their cat just so she can be in a familiar place.

    • I’m happy you liked it. 🙂 Yeah, of course oil paintings are nice but expensive too. I don’t mind if it’s not an oil painting until I get the same vibe but I get your point. Thanks for the advice. We prefer not to take him anywhere as he has such a sensitive little soul, but we can’t spare movings and this pheromone stuff is pretty good too. 🙂

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