1. Rosie

    I must say, I do fear wearing sandals or open-toe shoes of any kind when going to work because if someone steps on my feet in the ultra packed Tube train, I’m going to suffer. A lot. That said, if you know you’re not going to be in (disturbingly) close proximity to lots of people staring at phones/newspapers/ladies/etc, I think it would be fine. Just a practical note that I think is important for summer in London…

    • Yes, that’s totally true. Somebody always steps in my heels or on my foot too but the former is more common. Or when it gets dirty because yes, a bigger city is dirty enough. But I just cannot imagine summer without a pair of open footwear. It’s a must. 🙂

  2. Rosie

    Agreed – that’s why I only have one pair (many years old) that I hardly ever get to wear. Can’t justify it to myself to buy any more, despite wanting to.

    • I have 2 pairs, one of the is the good old Birkenstock which is the most comfiest and the another one is from S.Oliver which is not really practical but just too nice. Oh and the heels but again, I just cannot get rid of them 🙁

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