1. […] Back to my outfit. As I’m obsessed with these mom jeans at the moment I had to wear them again but know I styled them with red jumper, leather jacket and slippers. You can say I’m obsessed with these slippers too and wear them every time when I have the chance. I think they’re one of my best purchase so far besides my vintage finds. […]

  2. […] Moreover, since I’ve rediscovered my love for vintage things (I’m looking at you Vetements), it’s getting even worse. You know, when you find something which is perfect in every way, but you don’t have too much time to think about it. It’s usually a never coming back occasion, so you either get it or regret it. And I experienced and hate regrets, so I rather try to live by the motto; don’t feel regret because of doing something, but because of not doing it. I can take it back and ask for a refund anyway. Or I can still learn from my mistake and sell it later. Not that it happens so often… you know, vintage is different. […]

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