1. Like you I won’t be getting these either. I’ve tried the tradition type of mule, the kinda barely there shoe, I disagree with them on principle because they offer zero support. That’s why they’re back with the higher vamp, which means I can never get my foot in. So I must also conclude, mules are stupid. That said I would still encourage you to give heels a go, I also suggest that you approach it as if you are wearing heels for the first time, to say it’s a new experience, and to see it like any other skill (such as cycling) as something that needs to be learnt over time.

    • Yes, you’re totally right. Don’t get me wrong I have some higher heels and sometimes it really feels good to wear them, I just won’t go above 8 cm. 🙂 I know my limits and that’s mine for sure and I don’t even mind that. 🙂

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