Well… I’d like to write a lot of things here and it’s not easy. I’m quite exited because I’m gonna try this again. I won’t lie… this isn’t my first attempt on the blogging area. Lets just say I’m an introverted person who likes her comfort zone and this is not in my comfort zone. I mean at all. So you who is reading this right now could ask then WHY?

Let me put it this way: as I don’t have a job and I really would like to do something with myself this seems a pretty good idea. Again. Because on one hand I’m an introverted person who is afraid of everything which is not in her comfort zone and that’s a lot but more about that later. On the other I have thousand plus one ideas what to write about what to wear and have a creative mind which just doesn’t fit in my head. Furthermore, my previous boss now friend said I had some talent in writing. Well… in Hungarian but this is a good occasion to practice my English too. And I won’t start (at least not now) writing about connections between success and failure.

So I’m gonna start with small steps and goals and write for myself and maybe later for someone else (for you for example) as well. Because trying new things (at least behind a monitor) and expand comfort zones hasn’t killed anybody yet. So I could ask WHY NOT? It’ll be fun.

Lets do this! Again… 🙂

xo Andi


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